Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Instant Digital Camera
$145.99 on Amazon
The Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera gives you the classic Polaroid experience and modern image editing features in one sleek package.

In our crazy modern world, it seems like everything is a camera. Sure, you can take pictures with a phone, but how easy is it to put them on your refrigerator, or in your wallet? There are cables, software, and a host of other annoyances that will keep you reading manuals instead of making memories.

Wouldn't you rather take a great picture, upload it to any social media platform, and have a vibrant 2x3 print on premium ZINK Photo Paper in your hand, all in under two minutes? Sharing images is a snap, whether the person is next to you or halfway around the world.

Of course, most of us like to have a couple tries at it to get that perfect shot, and in ancient times that meant stacks of instant pics piling up.

With all of the image editing features you expect from any digital camera, you can crop, add classic or custom borders, and perform a host of other adjustments before you print.

A 32gb SD card and no messy ink cartridges to worry about make this little dynamo perfect for on-the-go situations like a concert or a day at the beach.

There's just something about a picture that you can instantly hold in your hand or against your heart. For decades, Polaroid has been making that possible. Now with the Z2300, a whole new generation of shutterbugs can experience that magic.

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