Swiss Army Credit Card Multi-Tool

Swiss Army Credit Card Multi-Tool
$28.94 on Amazon
How would you like to own this wonderfully designed multipurpose tool that is disguised as a credit card? That's right, a multipurpose tool that allows you to handle a vast array of tasks disguised as a credit card is now available for purchase and is quite a handy tool for today's workers. Not only is it a great disguise, it is also very useful.

The Swiss Army Credit Card Multi-Tool allows the user to utilize it for a multitude of tasks and/or projects. If you decide to purchase it, you will be provided with a 1-year manufacturing warranty. The exact model number of the tool is Victorinox 53331 and can be found under the label of Swiss Army SwissCard Lite Multipurpose Tool. It is red in color and looks exactly like a credit card. So watch out, thieves! You will only find yourself needing to get to work if you try to snatch this card up.

As a multipurpose tool, this device has many features the user can benefit from. It has quite a sharp letter opener that can open any envelope with a swipe. The scissors are also sharp enough to tend to just about any of your cutting needs. There is a straight pin, pressurized ball point pen to write to your friends, tweezers to pluck your eyebrows to a perfect shape, magnifying glass for reading those small letters on a map, a 3mm screwdriver, a 5 mm screwdriver, two types of phillips screwdrivers, a mini LED white light, and rulers in inches and centimeters.

All of these features makes it one of the handiest tools an individual could own. Its disguised look makes it a fun tool to own and should be an accessory anyone would want to add to their tools collection. Try it out for your next project!