Video Gaming Glasses

Video Gaming Glasses
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When you're sitting in front of any screen for hours, actively playing games, your eyes are among the first parts of your body to feel the strain. You're squinting at the glare on the screen, struggling to prevent a headache. Perhaps you've spent so long staring at the screen that you've completely destroyed your chances of falling asleep once you finally pass that last obstacle and crawl into bed. Thankfully, your eyes no longer have to be a problem when you're gaming. These Video Gaming Glasses have been designed specifically to reduce your eye strain and prevent other common problems that come from spending too much time in front of a screen.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Wearing glasses to prevent eyestrain won't help you if they're pinching at the ears, tight across the temples, or so uncomfortable that you keep reaching up to adjust them in the middle of a boss fight. With these video gaming glasses, discomfort isn't a problem. They weigh just 25 grams and are designed specifically with comfort in mind, including silicone nose pads and an adjustable design that will fit any face comfortably. The glasses are even designed to work with a variety of headsets, ensuring that you'll be able to see and hear everything more clearly than ever before.

Designed to Make Sleep Easier

Watching television--including gaming--in the evening before you roll into bed isn't recommended. It rewires your brain to keep you awake. That means that those marathon late-night gaming sessions can prevent you from going to sleep even once you're finally able to roll into bed. With these glasses, that's not a problem anymore! They're coated to filter blue light and protect your eyes from UV rays. Not only does that make it easier to get to sleep, it also improves the contrast on the screen, making your gaming experience clearer than ever.

Designed for 20/20 Vision

These aren't glasses for individuals who need the extra vision boost in order to see effectively. If you have 20/20 vision or wear contacts to correct your vision to 20/20, on the other hand, these glasses are the perfect product for you. They don't correct your vision; instead, they enhance it, giving even professional gamers the extra edge they need to succeed. The gaming glasses, however, won't fit over regular glasses, so if you use those to correct your vision, you'll want to seek another option for your gaming needs.

These video gaming glasses aren't sunglasses. They're glasses designed specifically for gaming. Their goal is to reduce eye strain and make it easier for you to get enjoy every aspect of your game without being distracted. They reduce air flow around your eyes, help prevent problems with humidity, and in general make it easier for you to spend hours staring at a television screen without causing eye irritation. Some gamers do note that it takes time to adjust to the tint, but within a day or so, they'll offer benefits that are well worth the time spent adjusting.