Pikachu Slippers

Pikachu Slippers
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Have fun with Pikachu Slippers. Sometimes you have to have fun in life, and Pikachu Slippers might do the job. If you're known as the unsmiling neighbor on the block, maybe you can show your neighbors your not the most miserable person on the block.

Put these on while getting the mail, and your neighbors will laugh with you. Put a smile on your grandchildrens face, by putting on a pair of these slippers. Your grandchildren will love, and want to be around you. Having a family reunion, and your in charge of the barbecue. Everybody will be commenting on the slippers,and asking where they can get a pair. The kids are going to want a pair also.

If you own a public business such as a restaurant wear them once in a while. The customers will see that you have a sense of humor, and they'll mention you and the slippers all over town. Business will be booming. Charity or community events will be memorable by wearing a pair of these slippers. These events can be somber and formal. Sometimes we got to remember to lighten up.

How about just wearing these slippers around the house? After a long day at work our feet need to relax with a pair of these slippers. Better yet buy a pair for your spouse or significant other. Both of you can have a good laugh together.

The slippers are plush and bright yellow. You stick your toes under Pikachu's head where they will stay snuggly and warm. The sides and the back are open. Where can one get this double delight? Online of course. This is one special gift that will stay in the heart and memory for years to come. Last but not least, don't forget to take some pictures of you and your special ones in these slippers.