Bike Chalk

Bike Chalk
$29.99 on Amazon
Drawing on your bike
is pretty dangerous and hard.
There must be a way
to draw fast without getting marred.

Perhaps your bike can be the tool
with which you make your mark.
With chalk trailing behind,
you needn't put your bike in park!

The bike chalk contraption will fit onto any bike, no matter how big or small. The bike chalk is also known as chalktrail and comes in the color blue or red. Included is 1 piece of washable chalk which will last for 15 miles!

A User Review For You: "Our grandson had his 5 year birthday party and we luckily came upon this neat little item. We knew that Ian would love it, and we were right! He was sure excited when he found out he could ride on his bike and create chalk art at the same time. Since getting the gift, we have heard that he uses it almost every single day. We also know his older siblings use it a lot too! What a fun toy! We wish we were younger so we could use it!"