Glass Milk Carton

Glass Milk Carton
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Do you fondly remember your school days, when every lunch was accompanied by a carton of milk that was just barely the right size? If so, this Glass Milk Carton might be the perfect accessory for you. It's a whimsical addition to any kitchen, providing an extra creative touch that shows off your personality and style. The sturdy glass construction is appropriate for regular use, allowing you to show off your style whenever you like. The container will hold almost exactly one cup of liquid, making it a great option for serving coffee creamer, holding milk for tea, or putting out dip for a party or get-together.

The container is beautifully designed and has the perfect-sized opening for liquid, semi-liquid, or small items. It can be used as a candy dish, set out on a tea tray, or laid out as part of a party spread. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: How hard is it to clean the milk carton? Is it easy to get your fingers through the opening?

A: If you're using the product for its intended purpose--that is, to serve liquids--a clean-up is as easy as filling it with soap and water, shaking it up, and rinsing it out. If you're using it for other purposes--for example, filling it with candy or using it as a container for dip--you might find that it's a bit more difficult to clean. A wire brush is recommended for getting into the corners.

Q: How smoothly does the milk carton pour? Does it dump liquid everywhere the way the school milk cartons did if you tried to pour milk out?

A: The Glass Milk Carton actually has a very smooth pouring design that was created specifically to help avoid this problem. While spills and missed pours will happen depending on user error, the carton was created with your needs in mind, so it will pour smoothly and easily.

Q: How thick is the glass? Is this a sturdy product?

A: While this milk carton is designed for regular use and reuse, the glass is relatively thin. It's not going to survive being dropped or smacked. However, the thin design also makes it light, which makes it easier for you to handle. It's not a product recommended for children or the clumsy, but then, those individuals might be better off with a traditional cardboard carton anyway.

Q: Will this milk carton fit in the door of my fridge?

A: The product is relatively small, only 1/2 pint size, so it will fit easily anywhere you'd like to store it. It will fit just fine in the door of your fridge. Do keep in mind, however, that it doesn't seal, so anything in it long-term will be left open to the air in the fridge and will absorb odors as a result. If you're storing it briefly--say, preparing early for a party or guest--the milk carton will slide into the available space in your fridge door or on the shelves.