Godzilla Slippers

Godzilla Slippers
$24.99 on Amazon
Bigfoot? He's a lightweight. Sasquatch? Nothing but a "wannabe" loser. Loch Ness Monster? A mere guppy. If you're talking the biggest and baddest, you're talking about Godzilla! Yeah, that giant lizard/dino that the Japanese filmmakers brought to American cinema. We all remember that old film with everyone running panicked through the streets, looking backwards, screaming. It's a classic and so are these Godzilla slippers.

These slippers are practical in addition to looking way cool. They're 13.5" long and fit a wide range of foot sizes. They are made of a thick polyester just like a plush toy. In fact, they look like you are wearing plush toys on your feet. These are available for a short time because they are a limited edition, so don't wait until your old, lame elephant slippers wear out -- order your new Godzilla kicks now while they last.

Perhaps you're not courageous enough to wear these monsters. Certainly you have a friend or relative who appreciates the classics. You know, that uncle who has the "Christmas Story" leg lamp in his window year-round. What a distinctive gift for this man of distinction. So when you order yours, don't forget your uncle (besides, when you order two pair, shipping is free). With their green scaly looking skin and long threatening claws, they make a formidable statement as you exit the bathroom or kick them up in your recliner. When you and your family are watching that Godzilla movie marathon, no one will dare entertain the notion of stealing your popcorn.

When your feet are igloo cold and it seems you can't get them warm no matter what you do, Godzilla slippers will get the job done. They are thick, soft and provide ample insulation for the coldest evenings or chilliest mornings. Get some Godzilla slippers and take a walk on the wild side!

Monster movie night on the agenda? These slippers will get you in the mood for a monster stomping good time. Comfy and warm, these are fun for everyday use. Kids will get a kick out of being chased around by these monster feet.