Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tub
$349.00 on Amazon
The Intex Purespa Bubble Therapy Inflatable Portable Hot Tub is the epitome of backyard luxury. Let's review why you need one:

1. Big enough for four people.
You don't need to share it with four people, but that's up to you. The inflatable hot tub has an approximate inflated inner/outer diameter of 58"-75". It is 28" tall and can hold up to 210 gallons.

2. Not complex to use!
Despite having 120 high-powered jets, this inflatable hot tub features a simple control panel. You can activate the hot tub with a simple push of a button. This means you can get a great massage right away.

3. It's your personal Spa on the Go!
Think about this: this inflatable hot tub is water ready within 20 minutes (pump included). It can also be deflated when you need to put it away or pack it with you. That means, if you want to go on a camping trip with the appropriate generator, you can take your backyard spa with you.

4. Easy Maintenance
PureSpa makes keeping your water clean and refreshing easy. You will need to purchase two filter cartridges. These are sold separately. Installing a traditional hot tub unit in your backyard can cost well into the thousands of dollars, not including the maintenance costs involved over time. PureSpa has made it easy for you with this inflatable hot tub.

5. It's not called a hot tub for nothing!
Your water temperature can go from 68° to 104°.