LEGO Head Pencil Sharpener

LEGO Head Pencil Sharpener
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Ever need to sharpen your pencils and find that you are missing a sharpener or one that excites you into doing your work? Well look no further than this Lego Head sharpener that will thrill and delight you into making all your school work fun.

At 5x3x0.2 inches you will be the envy of your class mates as you pull this wonderful item from your school box. As you do your school work, this Lego sharpener will watch and wait for you to need it over and over again. With two faces conveniently painted on both sides you will never need to worry about which side you are talking to as it faces you on a desk or table. Parents need not worry the sharpener will never give the answers away to a test or any other assignment.

The top part of the head removes to reveal pencil shavings that it has hungrily eaten and kept from making a huge mess. The Sharpener itself is attached snugly inside the head cap to safely drop whatever you feed into it. Made of plastic you can easily wash out the inside of the Lego head if you have fed it other things besides pencils.

Perhaps with a little creativity you can use your new found sharpener for many other things like hanging from your work station on Halloween or as a necklace. You could also have it floating in the water cooler at work, which will definitely turn heads and strike up a conversation.

Whatever your pencil sharpening needs are this is the perfect ensemble to have in your tool kit and don’t forget to accessorize your Lego head sharpener with a hat, scarf or if you wish glue some earrings on the sides. Make your sharpener unique and unforgettable as you display it at school or your cubicle and be the talk of the town.