Light-Up Drumsticks

Light-Up Drumsticks
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Let's face it. If you're a drummer then chances are you're already pretty cool. Chicks probably dig you, and dudes are probably jealous. Everybody loves a musician. But, do you know what people love more then a musician? A musician that glows. Say what?! It's possible.

Just buy the ION Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks in blue! A lot of things go into throwing the perfect show. Of course first and foremost, you have to know how to play good music. But, after that the next key part is getting the crowd jazzed up and energized. You can do that with these drumsticks! The crowd will go crazy for them! You might even hear a few ooh's and aah's as you delight them with your glowing sticks.

The Firestix light-up drumsticks bring that added level of excitement to any drummer's performance. They will set you apart from the crowd. Boy, oh boy do they light up, and they are simple to use. What an easy combo.

First, the batteries are in the base of each of the stick. These power the bright blue light. The sticks will light up every time you strike your drum or cymbal. That's just one more added level of excitement to bring to a show. Every time you're banging your drum, and you look down, seeing that will energize you.

If you're not a drummer these are the perfect gift for the drummer in your life!! After all, it's something unique and different. Maybe you also have someone in your life that's just starting out on the drums, and needs that little bit of encouragement to keep going. These are that encouragement! They will love seeing the glow, and wanna keep practicing.

Overall, it's a great and fun product. The dynamic of these are different then the wooden ones so it might take some getting used too. But, it's worth it. Rock on!