Zombie Survival Tin Lunch Box

$28.75 on Amazon
Zombies have invaded modern society on popular television shows, movies, and in books. Now creepy zombies can invade your lunch! Impress friends at school, work or just about anywhere with this spunky Zombie Survival tin lunchbox. This product is sure to be an interesting conversation starter wherever you go.

The Zombie lunch box is great for packing food with ample space for snacks. Make a statement and stand out from the brown paper bag lunch crowd. Enjoy the funny graphics and paint job. The sturdy metal construction made this ideal for protecting potato chips and other fragile lunch items.

Consider using this for storing your apocalyptic survival gear. Keep Spam, jerky, and other nonperishable food items together and safe. With this paintjob there will be no mistaking what this box is for! When disaster strikes, grab your handy Zombie kit and seek cover.

This product is going to be an interesting addition to your lunchbox tin collection. Consider using it as a cool display piece in your home or office. Metal lunch boxes have resurfaced in recent years. They can be found in antique shops as well as local superstores. They are highly sought-after retro collectibles that delight the young and young at heart.

This is a perfect gift for the Zombie lover in your life. For an extra surprise fill the container with first aid equipment. A small bottle of rubbing alcohol, a box band aids, and rolls of gauze are perfect. For even more fun wrap it in Zombie paper, it is sure to delight fellow party goers.

The product measures 7.75 inches by 6.75 inches by 4.13 inches and weighs approximately twelve ounces. This item is made in China. Please be aware that the manufacturer does NOT recommend this product for children under the age of three due to small parts.