Doctor Who Risk

Doctor Who Risk
$39.99 on Amazon
Risk: the game of world domination has been a favorite board game of individuals for decades. There have been different renditions of the game to come out, so there is always a new style people can check out if they like a particular movie or look. For Doctor Who fans, their wait is finally over as they can check out the Risk: Doctor Who game. It plays just like the traditional Risk game, only there are new pieces, skills and other features, all while displaying different Doctors from the over 50 years of the television show. So, for fans of both Doctor Who and the game Risk, this is a great item to pick up.

For fans of the game Risk, there is no need to worry as this game is played exactly like the traditional game Risk. Basically, the only thing that is different are the game pieces. There are some Risk games that come with different maps, which can change up the strategy a bit for longtime players of Risk who have specific areas of the board they like to try and conquer first. However, since Doctor Who takes place on Earth (unlike other games, like Lord of the Rings), the Earth board is going to be the same as the traditional Risk game.

The box itself isn't terribly large. The shipping weight is just under 3.5 pounds as the game set itself weights 3.4. Now, for individuals who are new to the game of Risk and are interested in it because of the Doctor Who elements, it is important to note that the manufacturer recommended age for the game is 10 years old and up. Of course, most Doctor Who fans are older than 10, but for those little tykes who are fans of the blue phone booth and have been looking for just about anything Doctor Who, it is important to keep the age recommendations in mind. Plus, the game of Risk can potentially take hours to complete, if not longer. Risk was designed back in the day where board games really where a major source of entertainment, so players should only take up this game if they are interested in spending hours on the game.

The game is extremely favorably rated on Amazon. It currently holds a 4.6 star rating out of 5, with 73 percent of all those who rated the game giving it a 5 star rating. In fact, only four percent of those who played the game gave it a 2 star, and nobody gave it a 1 star. One of the two people who rated it a two stars did so because they did not like the colors of the game pieces and they didn't like some of the cards included in the game. However, outside of this small issue with one person, the vast majority of players who picked up the game and rated it found it to be exceptional, especially for those who simply love the game Risk and the show Doctor Who.