Magical Odor Removing Bar

$7.99 on Amazon
The Amco Rub Away Bar is a stainless steel bar of "soap" that removes odors instantly and amazingly! Use it with cool water as you would a common bar of soap. No bubbles! No mess! No Odor!

The Rub Away Bar was originally intended for chefs, servers, and those known for coming home with smelly hands - BUT - let’s be honest....... Who doesn't need this product?

The marketing is focused on removing food smells, but this product removes ALL SMELLS! You should buy one not only for the kitchen, but also for every bathroom in the house.

Cooking a seafood based dish? You need a Rub Away Bar! Teenager with typical teenage body odor? You need a Rub Away Bar! Smelly Feet? You need a Rub Away Bar!

This product can be used on any body part, not just the hands. Think of the possibilities. The best part is that it doesn't ever have to be replaced. It's a stainless steel product. It won't rust or corrode; it won't wear away like other "soaps". If you drop it in the shower, it won't waste away as the water runs over it. Not only are you getting a better result than your usual soap could supply, you are also saving money in the process.

Another cool feature is the fact that the slipping factor is totally removed. It is the stainless steel itself that removes the odor. There is no actual soap, that means there are no actual bubbles. No bubbles means no mess. No mess means no slipping in the shower.

This really is an amazing product with an unfathomable amount of uses. Once you try it, you won't be able to imagine going back to your usual soap. Why drip soap all over the sink? Why make a mess using a product that can't possibly compare? Why continue buying and replacing soap when 1 Rub Away Bar is all you need?