Anatomical Socks

Anatomical Socks
$14.96 on Amazon
Your fibias will thank you
for these snazzy looking socks.
They'd like to see some limelight
for how much you make them walk!

All along these bones have waited
for some fair exposure.
This way, it won't be your skin,
but they, who’ll get some closure!

The anatomical socks show the bone structure in your toes, feet, and legs. They are white and are one size fits almost all adults! The socks go to the knees. They are made from 70 percent acrylics, 25 percent cotton, and 5 percent elastic materials.

A User Review For You: "My feet are pretty normal for women, I wear size seven shoes. These socks are a little large for me, though they aren't WAY to large for me. I can still wear them, and I do wear them. I find them perfect for staying cozy in my home with. It's fun to see the bones and be able to read which bones are which on the socks. On the bottom, written on the sole of the socks, is a neat reflex map. I've already decided to buy another pair and give to my foot doctor. I think he'll get a kick out of them."