Spock Socks

Spock Socks
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Live Warm and Prosper! Have you ever wished that you could carry Spock with you wherever you go? His practical advice and talented way of removing the emotion from the moment in order to see the logical solution to any problem make him the perfect companion throughout the day. While these cozy Spock Socks might not let you have all that Vulcan logic available constantly, they are certainly a logical choice for Star Trek fans of all ages.

Spock Socks portray Spock's image at the front, giving them a "crazy sock" appearance that will be sure to appeal to anyone who likes their socks to be fun as well as functional. The real fun, however, is in the ears: three-dimensional Vulcan ears that stick out from the sides of the socks, giving a little extra fun to an already-entertaining product. The socks are designed to be one-size-fits-most, so an adult with an average foot size will fit in them just fine. They're a little snug for adults with larger feet; some people found that they were appropriate up to about a size 10. It has also been noted that the ears do not hold up well to repeated washing and may need to be reattached.

If you're thinking about Spock Socks for yourself or the Star Trek lover in your life, there are a few things about them that you should know. First, be aware that Spock Socks do not come complete with a sense of inner calm. While they have Vulcan ears and a Vulcan face, they won't lead to a sudden change of attitude and temperament. Individuals wearing the Vulcan socks may be prone to sudden fits of giggles and admiring looks at their feet rather than a calm, stately demeanor.

Second, you should be aware that the Spock Socks are not designed to impart wisdom. While Spock Socks themselves are certainly a wise choice, whether you're buying them for yourself or for a Star Trek fan in your life, they will not mystically impart wisdom through the feet. They may, however, cause the wearer to be more likely to extend their hands in a traditional Vulcan symbol and attempt to convince those around them to "Live long and prosper." These behaviors are primarily based on the thought processes of the individual in question, and neither the maker nor the seller of Spock Socks bears any responsibility for these actions.

Spock Socks are intended for recreational use only. They will not allow one to set foot on the Starship Enterprise in any of its incarnations, nor will they permit the wearer to join the Federation. They are, however, a fantastic fashion accessory that will be sure to draw out other Trekkies anywhere that they're worn. They're a great conversation piece, and no Star Trek fan will be able to walk past without commenting on the socks and discussing a favorite episode of Star Trek. Warning: these discussions might be frustrating for individuals who aren't Star Trek fans, so if you're buying them as a gift, be sure to take the possibility for those conversations into account before bestowing the socks on their new owner.