R2D2 Robe

R2D2 Robe
$64.99 on Amazon
R2D2 says beep boop beep boop.
“You look just like me, that threw me for a loop.”

As stylish as any jedi robe
with no electrical nodes.

You’ll be so fly looking the coolest.
You’ll even impress George Lucas.

This is a R2D2 robe. You put this robe on and do things.

A Fake User Review For You: "I got this robe for my husband as a gift. He absolutely loves it. Whenever he wears the R2D2 robe he only speaks in beeps and boops. I think it's hilarious! He may take the act a little far though and I have to rip the robe off of him in order to get him to speak normally."