Multi-Tool Key

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The Multi-Tool Key by Swiss+ Tech is a six in one tool that easily snaps onto your key ring until you are ready to use it. This multi-tool weighs very little and is just a little longer than a normal key. This makes it great to slip onto your key ring and into your pocket early in the morning for any emergency situation that might arise during the day. As the name suggests, the tool contains six different tools. All the tools are easily accessible by pushing on the thumb groove on the blade side of the key.

Straight Knife Blade

If you love camping, then a straight knife blade is a must for cutting through steak cooked over the campfire. Other uses of this knife include using it as a letter opener, and using it open boxes. You will find as many uses for this knife as you do for a regular pocketknife and its small size makes it more convenient to carry.

Serrated Cutting Surface

The serrated cutting surface is a necessity when cutting fresh bread. By hiding the knife in your pocket, the person who baked the bread is less likely to think that you stole the bread. Many users report that both knifes stay sharp for a period of years. Since they only open to a 90-degree angle, users are warned to be extremely careful.

Flat Screwdriver

If someone asks you to help them assemble something, chances are what they are really saying is that they do not have the tools to do it. If the person is great looking, then all you have to do is reach in your pocket, pull out the multi-tool, and assemble it.

Phillips Screwdriver

If you find that your screwdrivers always come up missing, then this is one screwdriver that is easy to keep up with, as long as you can keep up with your keys.

Micro-Sized Screwdriver

If all your screwdrivers are too big for the job, then make sure to try this microscopic flathead screwdriver.

Bottle Opener

According to many users, the most important tool on the multi-tool is the bottle opener because it allows you to open a bottle of pop at the end of a long day.