Tent Hammock

Tent Hammock
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Although I love nature and being out doors, as a single mother of three rambunctious boys, I have often found myself in situations I'd rather not be in. Spending a weekend camping out is not my idea of a fun time. When I say I love nature, I do not mean to imply I enjoy it crawling under my feet or buzzing around my head.

If memory serves me correctly, it was my middle son who came up with the plan of camping being the thrill of a lifetime. Naturally, it took little time to convince his brothers that he was nothing less than a modern day Daniel Boone. What followed was a chaotic battle of three against one that simply was not going to end until the camp-out came to fruition. As the adult of the crew, I began spending my time scouring the Internet for all the materials consistent with a successful weekend roughing it, but in this case it would be done according to Mom's rules.

I admit, there is no doubt I went a bit overboard in my choice, but the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson had everything I was looking for. Naturally, the boys would have been content with a couple of logs with a blanket thrown over the top but I was determined to show my sons that their Mom had the know how to give them the best weekend of their lives. Then when they were older they'd have the best equipment there is to go camping on their own.

Fortunately, all of the items arrived while the children were at school. This gave me plenty of time to read any instructions and show my boys that their mom was far from being a sissy. I fell in love with the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock the moment I saw it. It's light weight would make for easy carrying right along with the other items we would need. It was immediately obvious that this hammock would work well in any terrain you wished to put it in. It was waterproof, insect proof, and could be strapped to trees to keep it above the ground and away from anything that may slither by in the night. If this hammock was good enough for jungle explorers, and mountain hikers, it surely would suit our needs.

Immediately I began to follow the simple directions for setting the Lawson hammock up. With its minimal weight there was nothing to it. It's made much like a regular hammock (let me forewarn you that you can tip and fall out of it, which I did twice before getting the gist of my balance once inside the thing.)

Finally the big weekend arrives. The boys are giddy with excitement as we fill our backpacks with the hammocks, food, matches for roasting marshmallows, flashlights, spare batteries, and anything else a camping foursome could possibly need. I have to tell you that if we were to begin doing this on a regular basis our Lawson Blue Ridge Hammocks would be getting plenty of use.

All was well until the middle of the night, I heard the youngest of the boys calling out to me. "Mommy, mommy, I have to go to the bathroom." I grab my trusty flashlight, exit my hammock without making a fool of myself, grab my son's hand, and bring him into the house to use the bathroom.