Giant Inflatable Ducky

$18.23 on Amazon
Did you love taking a bath with your rubber ducky when you were a kid? Do you have children or grandchildren that still like watching their little yellow duckies float around the tub or pool with them? What if you could bring that fun with you on a larger scale?

The Giant Inflatable Ducky is a durable, larger than life ducky that brings back that childhood feeling. At 60” long and 48” high this ducky may be too large for the tub, but is the perfect size for a pool.

Appropriate for ages five and up, the sturdy construction will easily support riders up to 175 lbs and makes a great addition to any pool party. Take it to the lake for some amazing photo ops and fun. Use it as a raft or a comfortable place to soak up the sun. You could even tie it behind a boat or water ski as an alternative to riding an inner tube.

Try it on the lawn for a twist on hillside water slide-type activities. Not just for summer, it’s also resilient enough to try out in the winter as an unusual sled. This is one duck that doesn't have to fly south for the winter!

More than just a toy, this giant duck is also great for garden parties, a decoration for a baby shower, or even a prop for an April Fool’s Day prank. Line up a few in the yard and let your friends know that you've got your “ducks in a row.”

A whimsical conversation piece, this inflatable toy is easy to inflate and deflate to make it easy to transport. It even flies well (no pun intended) when getting past airport security for trips. This is a cool inflatable for all ages and lends a quirky and entertaining atmosphere to celebrations, gatherings, or just backyard fun.