Faucet Extender

Faucet Extender
$9.99 on Amazon
You might know a little person
who can't reach the faucet's spout.
Maybe it is time
to help that little person out!

With a stool, your kids might
find it hard to reach the water.
This thing might change the game
of washing for your son or daughter!

The faucet extender will work for most faucets. It is easy to install and to remove for cleaning. The faucet extender is dishwasher safe. It is made from strong by bendy plastic.

A User Review For You: "I have a toddler who utilizes the faucet extender daily. We have been wanting to help her be more independent. This thing has helped in that quest. The extender coupled with a small foot stool has been perfect. She washes her hands and *attempts* to brush her teeth. One day she'll get the hang of the teeth brushing thing. But, anyways, I highly recommend te faucet extender."