Huge Inflatable Water Slide

Huge Inflatable Water Slide
$1999 on Amazon
Have you ever looked down the slope leading to the lake and imagined how fun it would be to have a huge water slide to shoot all the way down to a big, exciting, crazy splash when you reached the lake? Then good news! Is this ever the perfect warm weather water toy for you! This huge inflatable turbo chute commercial water slide takes your old slip and slide to a whole new level.

The base of this adventurous 20’ long chute is covered with an extra slippery coated surface that will deliver you the ride of your life to the lake. Feel the water beneath you, the splash around you and the wind whipping through your hair along with the piercing screams as you and your friends relish in this one-of-a-kind water toy. One by one you will make the descent down the hill into the clear, crisp splash down that is waiting at the bottom.

The turbo charge is unbelievable and when word gets out that you have this to deliver a sweet ride in your possession, you'll be the most popular spot on the lake and will have to start turning the crowds away. Make the electric ride down on an inner tube or other device of your choosing. Ride down on your stomach for an even more exciting landing.

Everything about this slide is designed with your safety in mind. The slide is 20 feet long and is made with PVC coated nylon inflatable wall barriers for safety. The installation is quick and easy with only four solid stakes to secure into the ground to keep the slide in place for safety.

Enjoy the fastest, most exciting inflatable water slide on the market. The hardest part about owning it at all will be waiting in line to use it.