Couch Potato Chips Pillow

Couch Potato Chips Pillow
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A mouthwatering addition to any room, this eye-catching pillow will satisfy the decor appetite of all chip lovers. With its unique 3D design, the pillow is great for many different occasions and environments; it can be a party gift, a decoration for a family room or bonus room, or a college dorm room accent.

Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be a challenge. Thank goodness you found the DCI Potato Chip Retro 3D Pillow! It’s perfect for any snack lover who wants some humor in their home, especially if the couch seems to be their home most of the time. At 26 inches by 13 inches, it’s slightly smaller than a normal bed pillow, so it’s great for resting your head, squeezing during a scary movie, and reminding you that there’s always room in your stomach for one more chip.

As your friend unwraps this comfy potato pillow, everyone else in the room will wish they had thought of this amazing gift. What’s more fun than a bag of chips that you can sit on, squish, squeeze, and throw? The pillow will be a great addition to a family room or bonus room that needs to be fun and functional. Don’t worry about kids with sticky fingers! You can easily spot clean the polyester fabric.

When students move into a dorm room for the first time, they want the room to be cool and have personality. This pillow can make an ordinary space extraordinary. All of the other students will be eating up this fun design choice. When it’s crunch time and students need to study last minute, the pillow is the perfect comfy, durable addition to a study nook. The Couch Potato Pillow is a great gift and decoration option. It lets you take a bag of chips to bed without all the crumbs and without actually taking in all those pesky calories!

This fun pillow makes a great addition to a media room or any other room you want to liven up, and is so realistic you may have people asking for you to pass the chips. Comfy to snuggle up on and catch some zzz’s or use it to add a little spice and enjoyment to the room. Makes a fun conversation piece that children, teens, and adults alike will appreciate.