Dry Erase Board Paint

Dry Erase Board Paint
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Has your child ever drawn all over the pristine white walls in your home with his favorite set of Crayola crayons? Have you ever had the urge, perhaps after indulging in one too many cocktails, to write a sprawling love poem to your betrothed across the walls of your bedroom? If so, then dry erase board paint is the product for you. Don’t worry, there is a ton of more practical uses for the product too, which we’ll discuss shortly.

Rust-Oleum’s Dry Erase Brush-On Paint is a fun product that can turn almost any surface into a dry erase board, allowing you to write, draw, and scribble to your heart’s content using standard dry erase markers. The product is a two-part water-based system that can be rolled onto drywall, cement, wood, metal and more. This is the future; chalkboard paint is so 2014.

One obvious use of chalkboard paint is in classroom settings. For example, teachers can create small, inexpensive dry erase boards for each student. Then when the teacher asks a question, the students scribble their answer down on their board and hold them up for everyone to see. Another popular trend is painting a desk or wall in a child’s bedroom or playroom with dry erase board paint, letting them practice the alphabet, work on math problems, or draw to their heart’s content. Think of all the trees you’ll save!

To get the desired results from the product, it’s important to carefully follow the instructions provided. Start on a light or white surface that has been thoroughly primed with a latex primer. When it’s time to apply the dry erase paint, a foam roller seems to work best. Also, be sure to use the product before its expiration date, which is one year from the date of manufacture. Lastly, set aside enough time to complete your project in one go, because the paint is only good for an hour or two after mixing. Allow a few days for everything to dry completely, and then you’re in business. Just be sure to hide the permanent markers!