Inflatable Speedboat

Inflatable Speedboat
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Has your child always dreamed of having their own watercraft? Well now they can! Be the coolest parent on the block by getting your child their own speedboat. With this stylish inflatable speedboat, any child can cruise around the pool in comfort.

This product is recommended for children between the ages of 2-4 years or a small animal with short nails! The speedboat comes with its own inflatable motor attached as well as a racing flag. You can blow up this product by mouth or use an air pump with a small nozzle.

The inflatable speedboat is made from heavy duty vinyl, ensuring that your child will be floating safely. It comes in a bright red color with yellow and black pinstripes along the sides. The products shipping dimensions are 10 x 9 x 4 inches and it weights around 2 pounds.

When the speedboat is inflated the dimensions are 48 inches from side to side, 29 inches from bottom to top, and 49 inches from front to back. This little speedboat stays steady in calm waters and is durable. Your very own speedboat comes with handles on either side for maximum safety. If your child can't swim, it is a good idea to have them in a life jacket as well while they cruise around in their speedboat.

You can bring this speedboat anywhere you want to go! The inflatable speedboat is compact enough to travel and take on vacations if it is deflated first. Bring it on family vacations to use, although you might want to bring two so the other kids don't get jealous! This speedboat is perfect for your family trips to the lake, the beach, the river, or any body of water that will allow it to float- except the bathtub, that might be a little too shallow!