Laptop Multi-Tool Buddy

$13.79 on Amazon
This laptop buddy makes for a great addition to your work space. It's a well designed character with the type of whimsical appearance that is bound to lead to inquiries from whoever else happens to see it (family, co-workers, friends...). Standing at 4.5" inches of silicone, this little guy won't pose too striking of a presence on your desk, but the convenience the tool provides will make you happy he's there.

Underneath his happy-go-lucky head is a mechanical air puffer. Just lightly detach his head (it squeezes off easily enough) and you can readily use the little man to remove any dirt from your keyboard or other equipment. It works well at blowing away dust, lint, and any tiny hairs that may be present. This multifaceted buddy sits stoically at your desk as a reminder to rid yourself of your slob tendencies and tidy up once in awhile.

Packed into a cute figurine tool, the aforementioned feature alone is enough to warrant the product's value, but is removing dust the only utility it offers? No. In fact, our buddy's head has the ability to prop itself up for use as a laptop cooler. If your machine is running a bit hot, tilt the head and situate the tool on top or near by for an instant cool down. In addition, there is a small brush affixed to the tool that allows for removal of the buildup and grime that can accumulate on a keyboard over time. This will help get rid of the harder to remove stuff for you.

This very charming figurine jams a lot of usefulness into its tiny stature. The quality of its build and design are good enough that you'll love looking at it. It's the utility of this little guy, however, that will make it indispensable.