Coca Cola Slushy Maker

Coca Cola Slushy Maker
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It's time for a party--any time you want one! If you've ever wished that you could bring your favorite slushy treat home to enjoy whenever you like, you're in luck. The Coca Cola Slushy Maker is the perfect way to add a little extra enjoyment to any party or gathering. Not up for a party? It's still perfect for you. Just attach the pre-frozen canister, fill it with the sugary beverage of your choice, and turn it on. The slushy maker will do all the work of making a slushy in your favorite flavors.

A Quick Treat for Movie Night

Whether you're preparing for a family movie night or curling up on the couch with your significant other to watch a movie together, sometimes, you need to shake it up a little. Add some fun and a unique treat by pulling out your slushy maker and creating slushy fun for everyone in the family.

Liven Up a Sleepover

Sleepovers are known for several things: giggling girls who are up way past their bedtime, truth or dare games, and sweet treats to help keep up energy levels and make it easier to engage in all those fun late-night activities. After all, the first one to go to sleep loses! Choose a soda with plenty of caffeine, pull out the slushy maker, and everyone at your sleepover will have everything they need to stay up until dawn.

Spice Up a Party

When it comes to party food, it's often hard to know what to prepare. You never know what treats will be popular and which ones will be a total flop, leaving you with leftovers for days. When you bring out the slushy maker, however, everyone is sure to be impressed. Even better, there are no worrisome leftovers that will lead to sugar binges and overeating in the days ahead.

Enjoy a Treat Any Time You Like

If you're a slushy lover, you know how hard it can be to find a good one. Some slushies are too sweet, while others don't have enough flavor, and still others just don't have the right texture. It's even harder if your favorite flavor is one that can't be found in just any store: you find yourself settling for less instead of having the treat that you really wanted in the first place. With your Coca Cola Slushy Maker, you can design the perfect slushy every single time. The nostalgic Coke design means that the slushy maker will look great on your counter, the perfect addition to your kitchen decor, so there's absolutely no reason not to keep it out for everyday use. You can't ask for more!

The Coca Cola Slushy Maker will produce 16-oz slushy drinks in any sugary flavor you can imagine. Choose your beverage and pour it in, and the slushy maker will do the rest of the work for you! Within just minutes, you'll have your beverage in hand and be ready to party--even if it's just a party in your mouth.