Zombie Flip Flops

Zombie Flip Flops
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Picture this: a horde of shambling undead follow you. Searching for humanity, you race from one town to another just ahead of the hordes, their moans and the snap of rotting bone breaking filling the air. This is it. The thing you've always prepared for even if only in the very back of your mind. One word you never thought you'd hear in serious conversation: Zombiepocalypse. But you probably could have prepared a little more, thought about it a little more. Suddenly, they're on you and it's all you can do to pass out before they take you down.

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, these probably aren't for you. If you've wanted to lurch a mile in their shoes, however, these zombie flip flops are right up your dark and dangerous alley.

While they won't help you run from the living dead (let's be honest: flip-flops are not the best footwear for the zombiepocalypse) they will help you wait for the rotting corpses of your ancestors to dig themselves out of their graves in style. Even if you're not waiting for Uncle Francis to be reanimated, these shoes are your ticket to wandering around town with panache.

Cartoonish in style, these zombie feet look like putrid, disconnected zombie limbs nearly ready to crawl off their pools of blood red and start chasing you through the wasteland the world has become. These cushy thongs will complete the wardrobe of any enthusiast of the undead and will go with any outfit. You'll be the envy of every zombie fan around town and your friends will be jealous that you've thoroughly prepared for the end of the world. You can rub it in their faces as you fun faster than them.