Pi Pie Pan

Pi Pie Pan
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Everyone has a nerdy friend in their life, that one person who stands out for their academic success and their loner attitude. Everyone has that special person in their life who actually enjoys learning and is proud of the education that they have received. When you are looking for the right gift for that nerdy friend in your life, when you want to surprise the math lover in your life with a fun gift, there is a great option available for you. The Pi Pie Pan is a fun gift that is actually useful, too. This pan is the right gift for the nerd in your life.

When you are looking for a great wedding or shower gift for that special nerd in your life, you are in luck. When you are trying to find a gift for two teachers who are marrying each other and ready to start a new life together, this pan is a great option for you. This pan will help you surprise that special couple with something that they will be able to keep in their home and use again and again. This pan looks cool and fun, but it is also very functional and will be put to good use.

The Pi Pie Pan is a glass pan that is ready for all of your baking needs, and it works just as good as any other glass pan out there. This pan is smooth and clean and it works well for all of your pie baking needs. This pan will help your friend or family member create any kind of pie that they want to create, and it will do that in a fun way. This pan features the first few pi digits engraved right into its base. This pan also includes a large engraving of the Greek letter pi. The pan has a look that begs to be displayed, while also having a functional design. This pan can be used and it can be looked at, and it is definitely something that will become a conversation pieces.

Whether you give this pan to a friend for a birthday, choose to give it to a couple for their wedding, or keep it to use on your own, it will definitely be used again and again. This pan would be the perfect dish for you to use when you create a "Pi Day" dessert. If you are looking to bring a pie to work to surprise your co-workers you will get extra attention by bringing that pie in this special pan.

Every nerd deserves a special baking dish when they set out to bake a pie, and you can give the nerds in your life that special dish when you purchase this pie pan. You will surprise and amaze the nerdy individuals in your life when you gift them with a pie pan that is made special for those fans of another kind of pi. Those who love math will find this pan both useful and amusing.