Aquarium End Table

Aquarium End Table
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Trying to find a place to add an aquarium in a tight home can be difficult. These beautifully designed tanks help bring a room to life with the continual movement and swimming of fish. Generally, these are tanks that just sit on the top of a table. However, with the Midwest Tropical 670 Square Aquarium End Table, it becomes the table. These tanks are perfect for placing lamps on top of, not to mention the ability to hold books and other items. Plus, the Midwest Tropical 670 Square Aquarium End Table instantly becomes a conversation piece for anyone who is over.

The Aquarium End Table comes with a solid, 3/8 inch beveled glass top, This way, it is strong enough to hold up just about anything you might want to place on the top. The tank is also illuminated with a blue glass gravel at the base, and with the black acrylic pedestal, you don't have to worry about seeing any of the filters. Everything is blocked out, giving you nothing but the tank to look at. Best of all, you can look down at the tank and see the fish swimming from above as well.

It is a freshwater tank, so if you are looking for a saltwater tank the Midwest Tropical 670 Square Aquarium End Table is not for you. The shipping weight is 58 pounds, although the tank itself weighs 35 pounds (of course, it is far heavier when filled with water). The tank itself is able to hold up to 15 gallons of water, which makes it a nice option for smaller fish.

If you are looking for a tank that is fun to have and becomes an instant conversation piece, you need to check out the Midwest Tropical 670 Square Aquarium End Table.