Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Cat DJ Scratching Deck
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When your cat starts to scratch on the doors of the home or pull up the carpet because he just can't get to a place where he can sharpen his claws, consider a Cat DJ Scratching Deck. Your cat might think that he can listen to his favorite jams on the radio while he's scratching away.

The scratching deck itself is made of cardboard. It's lightweight and easy to transport anywhere in the home. If you work at a radio station or have a job that deals with music, then take your cat with you so that both of you can strike up a beat. This is a safe way for your cat to sharpen his claws without destroying the furniture in your house.

Details on the deck are extraordinary, and you can add other decorations to make it look even more like a record player. There are stickers that look like they were taken from the 1980s, but the phrases on them are similar to what a cat might think or say. The deck sits low to the ground to make it easy for your cat to walk up behind it and start scratching on the record player surface. The arm of the player moves out of the way for the cat so that he can have plenty of space.

You will have to take a little time to assemble the deck, but it has instructions, and it doesn't take a long time to put together. Think of the joy that the deck will bring your cat as well as the money that you will save fixing screens and other items that he tears up with his claws. The deck even spins so that your cat can find his special place to scratch or turn it to find a new spot.