Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack

Ghostbusters Proton Pack Backpack
$43.39 on Amazon
Got a ghost problem?
Well, that ain't no worry;
we can make a Ghostbuster of you
in a hurry.

Strap on your pack
and prepare to attack!
You can catch any ghost
with that pack on your back!

I can't see something Ghostbusters related without singing the song in my mind. Who you gonna call? That's right. The Ghostbusters. Which backpack you gonna wear? That's right. This one. Maybe?

It's pretty snazzy. The proton gun attaches and detaches. You can put stuff in the gun compartment. It's not a pirated backpack, it's officially licensed. It has zipper compartments. Ok Ok, most backpacks do too. But, are all backpacks as cool as this one? Nope!

User Reviews For You: "In getting ready for my Halloween costume, I had to find a cheap but nice looking replica Ghostbusters proton pack. I saw this one on Amazon and thought that it would do nicely. It worked like a charm. People loved my costume. An added bonus is that I now have a pretty rad backpack to wear to school. It's durable and seems of nice quality. The graphics are perfect. Really nice backpack."

"I'm one happy customer. The backpack is better than what I thought it would be. I can't think of one issue on it. My eight year old boy has been very, very excited to wear it to school every day. It is a little too large for him, but, not too bad. I think this thing may last him for quite a few years. He loves it and I love it."

"What can I say? It's great. My boy really likes it. He is rough on it and uses it for playing a lot, but, it withstands it very well. He also uses it as his normal backpack. I can't believe how well made it is. It's pretty awesome. No issues at all. Would buy again."

"I have a crush on one of my friends at work. He loves Ghostbusters. It was his birthday last week, so I decided to buy him this proton pack backpack. When it arrived, I was pretty excited to give it to him because it looks so nice! The shoulder straps are a nice touch. I tried the backpack on and it was really comfy. He liked it a lot, I could tell. Happy with it!"

"I bought this for my son as one of his birthday surprises. He absolutely adores and loves anything Ghostbusters related, which is nice because he is so easy to shop for. Anyways, this backpack was a hit. He loves wearing it around. He does look very cute with it on. The only issue was the connecting cord that keeps the gun connected is kind of long and dangles around. We ended up shortening the cord. You may want to do that too."