Paintball Bow

Paintball Bow
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The serious paintball enthusiast realizes that going beyond the beginner stage means that it's time for new equipment. You realize that committing to the sport requires time, effort, and the ultimate in dedication to acquiring your target each time.

You are ready for a paintball bow.

For all the reasons that you love paintball, you'll love this powerful bow. It's quiet, it's efficient, and it is adjustable for all strengths and ages of users. Perfect for indoor or outdoor terrain, woodsball competition or simply when friends get together for a fun day, this bow shows your expertise at whatever your level of play. For instance, the .68 caliber gun is mounted to a bow that adjusts the draw weight from 5 pounds up to an incredible 70 pounds. Not only that, but the draw length adjusts from 13 to 30 inches without changing limbs or using a bow press. The bow weighs in at a super light 3.1 pounds, too, so you'll spend your energy evading and attacking without feeling penalized by dragging along a too-heavy marker. You'll be surprised at how much longer you'll be available to your team, and they'll be motivated to win by seeing you in action.

Moving along to particulars, the bow demonstrates an amazing 310 feet-per-second International Bowhunting Organization (IBO)/Archery Trade Association (ATA) speed. You'll be faster and better at your game than ever before. Maybe someone will ask you why you switched from a paintball gun to a bow. Think for a moment, and the answer will be clear. You'll enjoy the challenge of bowhunting, because it makes you get up close to your target. Owning a bow means that you'll watch your target edge into shooting range, gauge your distance carefully, and avoid making the slightest sound. As you draw back with all your strength, you know you've done it right. Then comes the moment of release. Your target is owned by you, and the feeling is an indescribable high.

Now that you've decided on the right bow, consider where you can use it. Perhaps you're into MilSim, and you want nothing more than to capture the objective. The noise generated from a bow is less than that of a regular paintball gun. This gives your position away less often, and you may even inspire your teammates to switch to a better sort of weapon, too. If you're lucky enough to be on a woodsball team in a natural environment that is privately owned, then you'll feel as liberated as anyone can be as you stalk, aim, and shoot. Especially in scenario paintball, if you're equipped with a bow, then you'll fit right in with medieval reenactments, such as the Battle of Agincourt with its masterful display of archery techniques. For fictional reenactments, such as those astounding archery battles from Lord of the Rings, the bow cannot be beat. Take some time now to picture yourself as the superior paintball marksman that you yearn to be. You'll see that the paintball bow will help you realize your dream.