Stackable Lockable Jars

Stackable Lockable Jars
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FINALLY – a solution to the problem of how to bring your nutrition shakes on-the-go with you and NOT create a huge mess! When your busy lifestyle includes going to work, hitting the gym, picking up the kids from day-care – cleaning up your spilled protein shake is about the last thing you want to be doing. This awesome little 4-tiered set of pods stacks neatly upon each other into a tower that will fit into most standard cup-holders. When you want to access the contents, simply twist the top handle to get to the layer you want.

The top two compartments are the smallest. They are best for holding and sorting your vitamins and supplements for the day or anything else you are monitoring for portion size. For supplements, if you take some in the morning and some in the afternoon/evening, you can easily separate them into the two containers to ensure you take your vitamins at the proper time. Since they are made out of BPA and phthalate-free clear plastic, it is easy to identify the contents within.

The third compartment is the perfect size for transporting your powdered nutritional shake, baby formula or Cheerios™ to entertain a toddler while you attempt to grocery shop. Whatever you decide to use it for, its impressive ability to remain clear and odor-free is sure to knock your socks off – especially if you have ever rinsed soggy toddler Cheerios™ out of a plastic container – ugh! This is due to the Eastman Tritan™ plastic which keeps it stain and odor resistant day after day.

The fourth and bottom container is the largest. Either fill it with a second allotment of nutrition shake, some hard-earned organic non-gmo agave syrup sweetened gummy bears (natch!) or a handful of your favorite nuts* for a post-workout snack. Once you have filled all your containers, simply twist them a quarter turn to lock them together into a tower and take it with you. It really is that easy!

The starter set comes in several fun colors because why stick with black if that is not your thing? If you prefer lime green or fuchsia – go for it! There are nine different colors to pick from including the classic colors of black and white. When the jars need to be cleaned, simply disassemble them and pop them into your dishwasher for easy washing. They are dishwasher and even freezer safe!

These little GoStaks will have you wishing you found them sooner – whether you are a buff gym lifter or a busy mom who is trying to stay ahead of her kids, either way, these awesome stacking pods will simplify your daily routine. If you are really nice, you will even tell your friends about them. Better yet, grab a set for yourself and a set for them too. Then make them share their gummy bears with you, because that’s what good friends do!

*Disclaimer: Bottom compartment not big enough for siblings, parents or in-laws or other nutty family members or friends, only nuts from plants and trees.