Disposable Shower Hair Traps

Disposable Shower Hair Traps
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Standing in a shower with water that doesn't go down the drain is quite possibly the most disgusting feeling in the world. You are standing in water that has skin cells and dirt that you just washed off your body. As you look at the water, you might not know why it isn't draining, but the answer is usually clear. There are long and short hairs that get wrapped in the drain, preventing the water from flowing smoothly through the lines. These hairs can lead to major blocks in the lines that you might not be able to get out without the help of a plumber. The Disposable Shower Hair Trap might be your saving grace for being able to stand in your shower without standing in filth.

These traps are easy to place on the shower drain. You can use one every time you take a shower, which might come in handy if you have a lot of hair or if your hair comes out easily. The trap can be changed every week or every month. The frequency of changing the trap will depend on the amount of hair that you see.

When you remove the trap from the packaging, the only thing that you will need to do is stick the trap in place as there is a sticky surface on one side. This will help keep the trap from moving around in the shower. The holes are large enough to allow water to flow through, but they will capture most of the hair that you don't want in the drain. There are several traps in one package so that you have plenty for each bathroom in the home or to share with family and friends who might also experience the dreaded standing water scenario while taking a shower.

Shower hair traps are great for keeping those unwanted hairs from clogging your drains, but who wants to clean out all that nasty hair, soap, and who knows what else out of the them? Enter disposable hair traps! Now get all the benefits of trapping out the unwanted stuff without the messy clean up. Comes with 20 painless to put on and easy to remove disposable hair traps.