Salt Gun

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Do you have a problem with flies and other winged insects in and around your home? Have you tried just about every time of chemical bug repellent and electronic device that is on the market? Have none of these methods worked efficiently so far? Have you ever thought about buying a salt gun? Well, this may be the answer to all of your insect problems and at a very low purchase and maintenance expense.

So what is a salt gun? A salt gun is a hand-powered automatic gun (similar to an airsoft pellet gun). However, you don't need to continuously purchase expensive metal or plastic pellet or bbs. The only type of ammunition that you need for a salt gun is simple household table salt. That's right, it's the exact type of salt that you would put on your food. It's extremely inexpensive and all-natural.

The guns are very easy to load. You can fire up to 50 shots before you ever need to reload the gun. It is simple and easy to use and does not require the use of batteries or electricity unlike other insect repellent devices. So, once again you are saving even more money by purchasing this amazing device.

The average salt gun will cost you between $50-$60 dollars. That might seem like a lot of money at first to buy as a method for warding off pesky flies but after a while you will see how effective it is and how much money you are saving. Because it does not require any harmful chemicals it safe to use around both people and animals.

It is very effective on all types of flying insects, especially flies. You can use it around food items without worrying about harmful chemicals or your food being ruined. In most cases, there is a warranty on any defective parts so if something happens to the gun, you will not have to purchase an entirely new one.