Wooden LEGO Blocks

Wooden LEGO Blocks
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What do you get for the LEGO fan who has every set you've ever heard of and a good selection that you haven't? What about these Wooden LEGO blocks? Wooden LEGOs are a unique gift for the Lego fan in your life who has it all. Are you the Lego fan in your own life? You'll love adding these wooden LEGOs to your collection.

These tiny blocks are designed to be used for building just like the plastic blocks they're designed after. Don't worry: they aren't just a conversation piece! They snap together perfectly, allowing you to create any design you could possibly imagine--but without the brightly colored plastic. That means that you no longer have to construct your wall out of whatever colors are available or hope that you'll be able to find the one brick that's exactly the right color in the pile of others in your box. Instead, you can create uniquely tiled wooden designs that will fit all your building needs.

The blocks in the wooden Lego set are made out of six different types of wood: Japanese cherry, Japanese bigleaf magnolia, maple, hornbeam, birch, and Japanese zelkova. The variety of wood types means that you do get some variation in colors, which means that if you want to get a little more creative with your patterns and designs, you can do exactly that. Whether you're creating a permanent sculpture to glue together and leave on your desk or a temporary addition to your Lego play, this wooden Lego set will give you plenty of building fun. Each set comes with 24 blocks, so if you're feeling ambitious, make sure you pick up more than one. You'll need it for all your large-scale Lego-building needs.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Will the Wooden LEGO Blocks set work with my--I mean my child's--existing Lego sets?

A: Unfortunately, the Wooden LEGO Blocks are not compatible with your existing LEGO set. Some reviewers have experienced compatibility with the minifigures, but the blocks themselves won't work together. However, you can put your creative mind to work and come up with a number of unique ways to combine the two types of blocks if you like.

Q: With six wood variations and only twenty-four blocks, does that mean that the structures made out of these wooden LEGOs are going to look sloppy?

A: The woods used blend naturally together. It's no more variation than you would see on any other wooden structure.

Q: Is this an appropriate accessory to put on my desk at work? I don't want to make my coworkers think I'm immature, but these LEGOs sound like a lot of fun!

A: Depending on your office culture, the Wooden LEGO Block set could be perfect to keep on your desk. Use it as a conversation piece or turn the blocks into a pencil holder when there's someone else in your office. You never know: you might kick off a new trend!