Kitty Window Wiper Decal

Kitty Window Wiper Decal
$39.99 on Amazon
Calling all cat lovers...this adorable kitty decal is specifically made for cars with rear window wipers. You can choose from a "Happy" cat or a "Grumpy" cat, depending on your mood, and it comes with four "tails". Application of this kitty decal is very simple: Just clean your window surface, apply the decal, smooth out the bubbles with a credit card or your license, apply the "tail" decal to the bottom of the wiper blade and you are all set! Gone are the days of "cute" license plates and decals are IN! If you are looking for something really unique for your vehicle, then this is the perfect product for you.

Imagine the smiles and giggles of passengers behind you when they pull up behind your vehicle, especially on a rainy day! There are many cat lovers in the world and this may just make their day!

This kitty decal is approximately 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide, making it the perfect size for your back window. Most importantly, check your wiper blade position to make sure that your blade is facing the right direction for the decal. You wouldn't want your kitten's tail smacking him in the face every time you turn on your wiper blade!

Have fun with this delightful decal for your car, and in the process you may even bring a few smiles and giggles to drivers as well as pedestrians and maybe even a few dog lovers! You may even be wishing for more rainy days, so that your kitty can swish his tail and smile (or frown) at kids and adults alike. You will not see anything like this in any retail stores, so buying online is the way to go. Buy with confidence as this is a really neat product. Cat lovers UNITE!