Floating Orb Speaker

Floating Orb Speaker
$149.99 on Amazon
They say honesty is the best policy, and, honestly, this thing is just plain cool. Gone are the days of simply listening to music. Here to stay are the days of experiencing music from a premium speaker. As it floats. In the air.

While it is hard to oversell how cool it is to look over at the source of your current Awesome Mix Playlist and see this shiny metal orb floating and rotating there, rest assured that you are not only purchasing some gimmick. This speaker pumps out only high-quality sound – feel free to enjoy your tunes at high volumes, without any of that grainy distortion that so often accompanies smaller speaker systems. Not only is the sound quality top-tier, but the rotation of the orb ensures a 360 degree musical experience for all listening.

Not to be outdone by the “speaker” in “Bluetooth Speaker”, this device's Bluetooth technology is also showing up to get the job done. This floating orb speaker is equipped with Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) to guarantee you don't have to suffer through a tangle of cords just to play some music. With a range of 10 meters, you don't even have to worry about sitting right next to your speaker with your music just to make sure it works.

But what's a cool, floating Bluetooth speaker party if it can't last all night, right? This little gadget has you covered there as well: once fully charged, this speaker will be blasting for up to 10 hours! Not bad, for a lightweight. As an added bonus, this speaker comes with a USB port so you can also charge your phone or tablet directly from the base.

This little guy is ready to go where you go too. If you've got somewhere to be, you can take the orb speaker portion and leave the base behind. You might say this speaker comes ready to rock and roll.

Frankly, it's 2015 and the whole world is really lacking on all of the hover technology we have been promised. It's time we all take necessary steps to rectify that. This speaker is certainly headed in the right direction. Floating ball of awesome-sounding music? Check. Futuristic lighting design? Check. Wireless connection to all your favorite devices? Definitely. If you've ever wanted to make a splash among your friends, or wanted to just once have the coolest new thing, then you have found your match here. What could be better than the marriage of amazing looks and amazing sound?

All in all, this speaker is versatile, portable, and convenient. While setting it up might initially seem mind-boggling, the base itself actually shows you how to best set up the orb for maximum floating. Blue indicator lights provide guidelines for you to line up the speaker in the correct spot. Then give it a few moments to power up, and voilà, you will now be the proud user of hover science. We're all pretty impressed with you, to be honest.