Planetarium Paperweight

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Paperweights came on the scene somewhere around 1845. Intended to be decorative while serving a purpose, they are no longer just practical items for our desktops. Decorative paperweights have been produced all over the world. They are collectors items along with serving their purpose of keeping papers from flying away when a breeze blows. People can shop and purchase custom-made paperweights as well as those that fit a certain style or a personality. Corporations embed their logo's and use them for promotional purposes or to signify achievement.

As the old saying goes, "it's hip to be square." Astronomy geeks, star-gazers, or kids just learning the correct terms will all covet this paperweight once they get a glimpse of the captured solar system. The Planetarium Paperweight is a great reminder to those who see it that we are all a small part of a very large universe. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it is a great conversation starter for young and old.

The planets are not labeled, therefore it is a great hands-on tool for a quiz. Offices are moving rapidly toward becoming paperless. Because if this trend, the need for paperweights in their traditional sense is dwindling. Gift-giving is the best use for these unique objects. The cool black gift box is an extra added touch when purchased for someone special in your life who enjoys counting stars and marveling at the beauty above us. The Planetarium Paperweight would make an excellent gift for a child who is just beginning to ask questions about our solar system. It is bound to boost curiosity and encourage further learning.

Graduation month is around the corner. Consider giving a gift that is a conversation piece because it is educational, practical as well as an amazing piece of art.