Doctor Who Encyclopedia

Doctor Who Encyclopedia
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Who's Styggron, or Patricia Menzies?
If you're keen to know,
this book will tell you all
about those people from that show!

Doctor Who has many players
in its lengthy run,
but with this book
perusing all those people may be fun!

The Doctor Who Encyclopedia was created in 2013 and has 200 pages of rich information and pictures. These encyclopedia helps commemorate fifty years of Doctor Who. Included information on all eleven Doctors and more than 200 enemies and allies. The hardcover or kindle version are available!

A User Review For You: "I am a big, big, big fan of Doctor Who. Yet, I never thought of myself as a Whovian since I am not confident in my wisdom/knowledge of the show. That is why I purchased this encyclopedia. Man am I glad I did. I have learned so much! I think that this book includes almost everything to know about the series. The book cover is glimmery and shimmery and I like that. The pictures have great color and are very high quality. I think this Doctor Who Encyclopedia is the perfect addition to any fan's collection!"