Waterproof Lighter Keychain

Waterproof Lighter Keychain
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Do you need a lighter that will work when you need it, regardless of the weather outdoors or the climate you're in? Maybe it's because you plan on going camping and don't know whether it will rain, or you're a prepper and don't know when you'll need to use your lighter. Regardless of the reason, what you need is this waterproof lighter key chain by True Utility.

The True Utility TU262 Fire Stash Miniature Key Ring Lighter, Dark Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy is a neat little key-ring canister (measuring 1.8" long x .6" wide x .6" high) that holds a fully working lighter inside of it. The canister is both waterproof and refillable with a retractable wick. All you need is some lighter fluid, and you'll have a lighter that works on the first try every time. The liquid refill is bound to last a long time too because you only need a thimble-sized amount of fluid to refill it, and then it will last for a while before it needs to be refilled again.

While this is a very useful item, it also looks really nice as well. Made from dark chrome plated zinc alloy, you can easily attach it to your key ring to take with you so that you have it when you may need to use it outdoors. So, you can look cool while using this quirky little item.

Whether you think, this is only something neat or cool to own, or you find that you really do have a need for this waterproof lighter key chain, this is a great item that you'll come to appreciate. After all, you can see precisely how useful this key chain will be regardless of your circumstances. For this reason, you'll be glad that this gadget really is as great as it sounds.