Cell Phone Handle Bar Band

$15.00 on Amazon
If you're into fitness and outdoor activity, in particular riding bikes, scooters, strollers, or other equipment that has handle bars, this band will allow you to listen to music while engaging in your exercise. Maybe you've tried riding a bike before but had some trouble keeping your phone or music player secured in your pocket, or attached to your bike in a way that minimally impacted it while riding. This cell phone handle bar band is easy to fasten to a handle bar and once it's secure there, all you have to do is just insert your phone or mp3 player inside and it's secure for the ride.

So now if you want to keep track of your mileage while working out, or access other important apps while riding, all you have to do is reach down and tap that button while your phone stays in the band. If you receive a call while working out and need to take it, no need to stop to answer it with this band, just simply hit the button while leaving the phone attached to your handle. Your device can be mounted on this band with either horizontal or vertical orientation, and it can be easily adjusted or removed without a hassle.

The band is usually flexible enough to accomodate most electronic devices, but there may be a few that are too wide to fit in the size that you order, so make sure you know exactly what size to purchase for your device. The band can also be used hold other objects such as small tools, air pumps, even bike lights if need be and is a handy convenience to have while riding. While it may not always be ideal to use on very rough and rugged terrains such as mountain bikes use, most on-road uses will be just fine.