Magnetic Spice Tins

Magnetic Spice Tins
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One of the health initiatives I took this past year was to cultivate a little herb garden behind my house where I could grow fresh herbs and spices. I soon had more loose herbs and spices than cabinet space and started looking for a new organization system.

Sandwich bags didn't have the classy look I wanted to portray and my spice cabinet was jammed with 7-year-old paprika and near-empty food coloring kits. I did a quick search online and came across the Kamenstein magnetic storage tins/spice racks. I ordered 12, thinking that although they looked very nice they surely couldn't have much magnetic power. As my husband was quick to point out, I was definitely wrong.

The spice tins were incredibly magnetic. They stuck to the side of my fridge without slipping or sliding downward. The lids also held snugly in place, while still being easy enough to remove when I needed a pinch of basil or sage. I eventually came up with the idea to gather all the spice tins I needed for a certain dish and stick them on the oven, next to the stove, so they would be on hand as I cooked without cluttering my counter top.

Needless to say I ordered a dozen more, and now have transferred the remainder of my jarred spices to them, creating a classic uniform look in my kitchen. I also use these little magnetic storage tins in my home office to store paper clips, thumbtacks and the like.