Game Boy Fridge Magnets

Game Boy Fridge Magnets
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There are moments in life when you simply have to seize your geek love, embrace it, and display it for everyone who steps into your home--and this is one of those moments. With these Game Boy Fridge Magnets, you aren't getting a tiny little magnet that will sit quietly amidst the dozens of others on your fridge door. You aren't getting a display that will be remarkable only to those who take the time to get up close and personal, really getting to know your magnet collection. No, with this Game Boy Fridge Magnet display, you're able to transform your refrigerator into the image of a classic Game Boy. You get the directional control button, the A and B buttons, and even the classic Game Boy screen.

A Great Creative Outlet

Think about all those hours you spent doodling classic video game characters when you were supposed to be paying attention in class. Now, imagine taking that doodling up a level. The fridge magnet collection allows you to use the Game Boy screen as a dry erase board, doodling anything your heart desires. Would you like to display a classic Mario game on your screen? How about one of the first Zelda games? If you can sketch it, you can create it. Display your favorite game for weeks or months at a time, or change it up as often as you like: your creativity is the only limit.

Design Challenges for Your Spouse

There's nothing like inserting fun into your marriage to add a little extra spark. Challenge your spouse to ongoing games on the Game Boy screen, showing off your paper gaming skills with a vengeance. Loser has to do the dishes! Keep the game going for days at a time, or sit around and play while you're eating takeout. You can even pull the magnet down off of the screen and set it on the table throughout dinner.

Write Out Reminders or Lists

Do you have trouble tracking what you've run out of over the course of the week? How about remembering what you've put in the freezer? The Game Boy Fridge Magnets are the perfect way to keep track of all of those important items. Simply keep your list right there on the fridge. You can take a picture of it on your phone to refer back to when you're out grocery shopping or transfer the list to paper depending on your shopping preferences. Need to leave a reminder for your kids? They're sure to remember it more clearly when it's displayed on a classic Game Boy screen.

If you're looking for a great way to spice up your kitchen decor, the Game Boy Fridge Magnets are the perfect way to bring a little personality to your home. Even better, they're easy to remove and leave no residue behind. If you decide that you don't like them, just pull them off and store them until the next time you need that extra spark in your kitchen.