Magical Sand Free Mat

Magical Sand Free Mat
$50.14 on Amazon
Ah, the sound of ocean waves,
the sight of sandy shores;
and the gritty, awful sand
that gets in your swim shorts.

I'd love to wipe it all away
so it can disappear.
So nevermore will it annoy
by always being here!

This product blows my mind. It is a two layered meshy mat that allows sand to fall from the top layer to the bottom layer and then to the ground. But, the bottom layer doesn't allow sand to come up. It's beautifully engineered. It's perfect for the beach or a picnic.

Seriously, it is used by the military. For what? I guess their picnics in Afghanistan. Those guys have to eat too. Nobody likes sand in their sandwich.

The sand free mat comes in three sizes. Small, medium, and large. It comes in two different colors. A blue and lime flavor or an orange and tan flavor. Your choice.

A User Review For You: "Big fan of this sand free mat. It really does work. The sand up top goes down below. You do have to brush off large debris, but, that totally makes sense. The big stuff is easy, it's the little stuff that is annoying. Glad the mat takes care of it.

Don't expect this mat to be soft. It's made out of some pretty tough fabric. It almost feels like plastic but I'm not sure? I do know that it has held up to quite a few activities. No worries on quality or strenght.

For your beach trips, this thing is fantastic. Sand is such a bother and this takes care of it. Clean. Simple. Works."