Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Survival Guide
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In a world where zombies can be found every day on television, someone can only guess that a zombie apocalypse can happen at any time or any where. That is why Max Brooks created this Zombie Survival Guide. In the event of a real zombie attack you will find yourself fully prepared and capable of saving not only yourself but your loved ones as well.

In this guide, you will learn all there is to know about zombies, from their mentality to their behavior and everything that the undead are capable of. Brooks will cover just about everything you can think of in this perfectly crafted guide to survival. After you read this guide you will be able to handle your defense against zombies, which is one of the main things in surviving. This guide will walk you though every weapon you will need, what type of transportation to use so that you will be undetected, and even what to carry with you when you have to exit your shelter.

It is obvious that Max Brooks has done is research on this topic, one could even say he possibly might have had a first hand experience with zombies. Brooks covers a broad range of zombie history, dating all the way back from 60,000 BC to modern day events in 2002. This history and facts are so scary that is will have you wondering if what you see on TV or read in books actually took place at one time.

This book is a must have whether you are an avid zombie believer or if you just interested in a good read. Before you know it you will find yourself creating a safe house and going out to purchase your defense system. Whatever you chose this book could possibly be your future lifesaver.