Motion Sensor Illuminating Glass Coaster

Motion Sensor Illuminating Glass Coaster
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In the dark of night,
dry-mouthed from all those snores,
finding cups of water
is nothing less than some big chore.

If it just faintly glowed
to show you what to take
you'd finally get that drink
when at night you are awake.

Have you ever wanted to see your glass of water in the dark? I haven't. But, that's because I don't keep a glass of water next to my bed at night. It sounds dangerous. I don't want to turn my bed into a water bed, if you know what I mean?

Some of you folks like to keep water by the bed. It's understandable, I guess. You may snore and need to refresh the ole snoring throat. You may need to take medication at weird hours? You may like to drink in your sleep? That'd be a weird condition.

Whatever your reasoning for keeping water next to your bed, this coaster is pretty cool. You place your glass on the designated spot. The motion sensor will pick up your movement from seven feet away and illuminate the glass for twenty five seconds. It's pretty neat.

A User Review For You: "I was worried that this would be TOO bright at night. Nope. It's the perfect amount of light. It's a nice dim light that shows you were your cup is. You don't just have to put a beverage on the coaster. You can put your keys or your phone or your medication. It's great. Oh, you can put your reading glasses on it? Anyways, I find this product very useful and well made."