Ninja Throwing Star Hangers

Ninja Throwing Star Hangers
$10.99 on Amazon
The Ninja Throwing Star Hangers are sure to be a conversation starter. The Ninja star hanger will make people wonder if they just entered a Shanghai movie. The hooks are very strong and durable. The hooks measure four inches in diameter and the back turns into a smooth screw to hang coats.

This ninja coat hook is very different than regular furniture that can be bought in furniture store, this is unique and durable. Each hook has one corner that is used to screw into the wall for many years. The hooks look like a ninja had just thrown them and luckily you got away. They look scary and dangerous, but are really safe.

These hooks actually look like the real thing and will have guests questioning if they are or are not. They even look like they have razor sharp edges, but are actually not sharp at all and will not tear any clothing. This package includes one ninja star hanger. People who have purchased the product were a little unhappy that the box only included one hanger, because it was a little deceiving and seemed as if it included two.

Also, it has been said that there are no anchors included, which makes the screws a little more difficult to install, but once in, they are pretty stable and dependable, depending on the weight of the coat. The tip is also not as durable as the start itself and some have said it actually broke when installing. Reviewers have also said to understand that the ninja hooks will create a pretty big hole in the wall, but do look really cool. The biggest flaw in that the description is not very clear to how many hooks are actually included, but looking at the box, it does only say Ninja coat hook.