Transformers Car Emblem

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As a kid, there wasn't a time in which we wanted to be the hero and fight against the "forces of evil." And there was no place better to see such events than on cartoon programs--whether on Saturday morning or coming home from school. We would gather in teams outside after school. One team would be the "good guys," and the other would represent the "bad guys."

There were many shows on TV that represented this scenario, but one in particular came of a noted importance for a reason. This cartoon was known was the Transformers. The Transformers were robots that had the ability to transform themselves from anything into a robot form. They existed in two groups. The Autobots mainly consisted of cars and trucks, while the Decepticons were mostly planes and even spaceships. The leader of the Autobots was Optimus Prime, while the leader of the Deceptions was Megatron. One of the special aspects about the original cartoon was that an amount of time was dedicated to both group, but this would be done by showing the emblem of who they were.

Today, years have passed since you last saw the cartoon. One day, you're watching TV, flipping channel when you happen to notice an old episode of the Transformers. That's were the Transformers Car Emblem comes in. It's made of plastic, but it shines like polished chrome, which can be appealing to add to your car. It's not flexible, but it can be added to such surfaces as your car (by the adhesive on the back of the decal) or other surfaces, such as a laptop computer. And it comes only as an Autobot (sorry Deception fans).

If you are a fan of the cartoon or movie, the Transformers Car Emblem is definitely a plus for you.

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