Magnetic Sand Timer

Magnetic Sand Timer
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Decorating your home or office is important in making you and your guests or clients feel comfortable in the space that you are all interacting in. Decorations can consist of many different items. Some of these items may have the distinct purpose of being a decoration, and some of these items may have a dual purpose to them.

A magnetic sand timer is a decoration with a dual purpose. It works as a decoration, but it also works as a timer; although it is a very short timer that lasts for roughly 35 seconds. In addition, this is not a traditional sand timer. Instead of using sand inside of the timer, the creator used iron fillings and then placed a magnet at the base of the timer. When the timer is flipped over, the iron fillings fall from the top glass compartment to the bottom glass compartment and onto the magnet that is waiting in the base. This creates an interesting looking pattern with the iron fillings.

The glass timer sits on top of an elegant wooden base. The wooden base adds a nice touch to the glass timer and the interesting formation of the iron fillings. When you look at the timer as a whole, it looks very elegant and well put together. All of the components compliment each other and the small size of the timer allows the owner to place it wherever he or she would want it.

The design of this timer may be very appealing to the buyer, but it is also a very fragile piece. A significant number of people have accidentally broken their timers because the glass is thin and the magnet in the wooden base is so strong. When taking the timer off of the base to turn it, the magnetic has pulled the timer down too quickly and cracked the glass.